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Discover our high-performance glass options for uPVC windows and doors.

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Lightbridge 1.1 Glass

Premium clear Low-E Double Glazing that maximises light and heat contained in your home. Enjoy year-round comfort and ensure that you and your family are always warm throughout New Zealand’s changeable climate.

  • Light entering your home: 79%
  • Heat entering your home: 56%
  • Heat contained in your home: 81%
Keep the heat out

PerformaTech Glass

Balance light and heat with premium solar controlled double glazing that contains Low-E glass. PerformaTech keeps the same amount of heat inside your home, but also significantly reduces heat from the sun. This is ideal for rooms with large glass panes facing north or west.

  • Light enterIng your home: 73%
  • Heat entering your home: 35%
  • Heat contained in your home: 81%
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Translucent Laminate

Vlam Silence™

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about Glass, their features, and maintenance requirements.

  • Why choose Lightbridge?

    Lightbridge is an excellent choice of glass for your whole home. LightBridge1.1™ provides superior thermal insulation without sacrificing on natural light – keeping your space a comfortable temperature.

  • Why choose PerformaTech?

    PerformaTech™ offers superior thermal insulation combined with solar control and light transparency – keeping your space at an ideal temperature. If some of your rooms have large amounts of glass facing North or West, and you are concerned about how warm the rooms will get from the sun, PerformaTech is the perfect solution, as it reduces the amount of solar heat transferred into your home.

  • Can I customise?

    Yes! We recommend choosing to use LightBridge throughout your home, and then choosing PerformaTech for specific rooms where you are concerned about overheating.

  • How do I choose?

    If you would like to talk with one of our expert team, we’re happy to look over your house plans and make a recommendation. Just get in touch with us.

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