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Discover our wide range of stylish and durable uPVC doors.


Durable and Energy Efficient uPVC Doors

Our uPVC doors are built to last, providing exceptional durability and energy efficiency. With their superior thermal ratings, they help keep your home comfortable while reducing energy costs.

Explore our wide range of doors

Our uPVC doors combine style, functionality, and energy efficiency to enhance any space. From sliding and stacking doors, to entrance doors and glass doors, we have a full range available.

Enhance Your Indoor Outdoor Flow with Sliding or Stacking Doors

Sliding & stacker doors are a perfect solution for indoor-outdoor flow as the doors don’t obstruct a walkway. Starke Sliding & Stacker doors come with flush sill as standard, no more trip hazards & they’re easier to clean.


Maximise Your Indoor Outdoor Connection with Our Invisifold Doors

Invisifold doors are the perfect solution to maximise your opening as the panels fold and slide to one or both ends creating a large panoramic opening. Invisifold doors are often used in alfresco areas to connect the living area to an outdoor area – a perfect option for entertainers!


Add Style and Flow with Beautiful French Doors

French doors are ideal for easy access and add character & style to your home, office or retail building. With two panels hinging out, it gives you the option for a larger opening while being more cost effective than the bifold. Couple them with large sidelights or opening windows for extra light & ventilation.


Simple and Reliable Hinged Glass Doors

The hinged glass door is a simple, but a reliable design that never fails to deliver. The go-to door style for laundries, garages and anywhere where you want to access from indoors or outdoors. (Also see our separate section for our entrance doors).


Entrance Doors

Starke Ambiance uPVC entrance doors include a vertical grooved profile with a pane of glass. The design is configurable and available in the same range of colours as the rest of the system.
Some example configurations are shown here, however others, even custom, are available. Insert panels are also an option.

Hardware includes the default lever handle, or an option for a digital E-LOK lever handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about uPVC Doors, their features, and maintenance requirements.

  • Where are Illuminate’s uPVC doors made?

    Our uPVC windows are manufactured in Auckland by Starke, who are the leaders in uPVC manufacturing for windows and doors in New Zealand. They use extruded uPVC imported from an expert uPVC producer in Germany. All windows and doors are then made-to-order at Starke’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Illuminate is the official Starke reseller in the Waikato.

  • How much do uPVC doors cost compared to aluminium joinery?

    Our uPVC joinery is similar in price to thermally-broken aluminium, but has 48% better insulation efficiency. This increased efficiency means that you don’t have to spend as much on other costs that would otherwise be needed for H1 insulation compliance (which is the minimum standard for new homes). This can save thousands when building a new home. Architects or builders can test this out by putting an R-Value of 0.74 into their thermal rating calculations for all windows on the house plans, and see how it impacts the overall thermal envelope of the house.

  • Do uPVC doors warp or discolour over time?

    There is a common misconception that uPVC may warp or discolour over time. However, the truth is that uPVC is highly durable and is resistant to rot, corrosion, and fading, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance. Many years ago (back in the 1970s and 1980s) there were some issues with uPVC yellowing over time, however, modern uPVC is extremely durable and does not warp or discolour. uPVC has been used for windows and door in UK and Germany since 1970’s and is the most common joinery used due to its exceptional insulation and durability.

  • Can uPVC doors be customized?

    Yes, we offer a full range of uPVC sliding doors, bifold doors, stack doors and glass doors, and the joinery for every house is made-to-order. We also have a wide range of entrance doors, including timber and aluminium doors, that fit perfectly into our uPVC joinery. View these on the entrance doors page.

  • Are uPVC doors secure?

    Yes, our uPVC doors and windows will provide excellent security for your home. They are structurally reinforced with galvanised steel and the double glazed footing is bonded for added burglary protection and security. Our windows and doors have a fully integrated multi-point locking system. Concealed within the joinery are multiple inline locking points. This not only improves security preventing prying windows open for the side but it also creates a tighter seal which further improves your energy efficiency.

  • How long is the warranty?

    Our joinery is tested to meet New Zealand and Australian standards. uPVC windows & doors are manufactured by Starke in Auckland and carry a comprehensive 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty is subject to correct installation as outlined in the Installation Details Manual available from us. For full details please read the Starke Care, Maintenance and Warranty Guide.

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